Postal Optimization

Postal Optimization

Jetson Companies have been at the forefront of postal optimization and mail delivery solutions for decades. In 2014, JSM was one of the first companies in the country to be approved by the USPS for seamless acceptance. JSM commingles in house and dropships with One-Touch SCF cross docking to ensure fast, efficient and consistent mail delivery.

  • Lowest postage rate per piece
  • Fast consistent delivery
  • Accountability through tracking and reporting
  • Implementation of U.S.P.S incentive programs

The postage fees to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers represent a significant portion of the direct marketing budget and continue to increase year after year. Now more than ever, taking advantage of all postal discounts and programs is essential. Postage optimization combined with One-Touch mail shipping assures fast and consistent mail delivery. Commingling solutions that maximize 5-digit SCF qualification will reduce time to market and provide more consistency for predictable in-home delivery.

Today, every mail piece can be individually counted through Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB). Piece-level tracking and accountability provide measurement and understanding of timing and mail delivery patterns. The U.S.P.S offers additional incentive programs. Our postal experts will help you understand and utilize all additional U.S.P.S incentives.