PCI Level 1 Certification

Privacy and compliance continue to be the most critical concerns facing the direct marketing industry today.  Jetson Specialty Marketing Services, Inc. (JSM) is pleased to announce the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has certified us as Level 1. Level 1 – the highest security standard in the industry.

With Level 1 certification clients receive the most comprehensive data security available. This security applies to the entire process including receiving, processing, data storage, manufacturing and all material handling through delivery. Achieving this certification is an arduous process and reflects more than a year’s work and effort by dedicated JSM employees. This certification indicates successful completion of more than 190 separate security controls and requirements.

JSM is the only end-to-end PCI Level 1 certified manufacturer in the conventional direct mail space.  Certification comes directly from the PCI Security Standards Council and is professionally audited by licensed Quality Security Assessors (QSA). Level 1 is a distinction held by few industry leaders. Lower level certifications are assigned to other direct mailers, however; they do not involve the extensive auditing process that is required with a Level 1 status and issued through a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SQA).

At JSM we hold privacy, security and document integrity in the highest regard. Compliance with the highest level data security standards reduces our clients’ risk and eliminates the possibility of data breaches and compromised consumer information. Our PCI Level 1 certification ties directly to our overall philosophy and mission of protecting customer data and consumer privacy, and commands a higher standard for our manufacturing platform and overall  client experience.