Data Services

Data Services

JSM’s full suite of data services is designed to help customers effectively utilize information to quickly execute communications and drive ROI. Data access, analysis, analytics and strategy are seamlessly integrated with our print, personalization and digital services for fast relevant and meaningful communications.

JSM’s data group provides custom services in database, analytic, modeling, and response processing services.

  • Gain insight and expand existing customer relationships
  • Model and obtain new customer opportunities
  • Build brands and enhance loyalty and retention
  • Easily coordinate multi-touch communications

JSM’s integrated execution platform allows marketers to take ideas right to Strategy and Campaign implementation.

  • Cross Channel Communication
  • Advanced Production Technology
  • Multiple Format Options
  • One-to-one Digital Printing
  • Trigger-based Communications
  • Seamless Integration for speed and efficiency
  • All processing done under one PCI Level 1 security umbrella

JSM’s platform is designed to support your marketing efforts from lead generation and acquisition to cross-sell/upsell, retention and reactivation. Think of JSM for data acquisition, complex database modeling, analytic support, and seamless integration with your marketing strategy.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

JSM provides fully integrated solutions, simplifying the process and allowing clients to effectively interact with customers. Starting with data and analytics right through creative format, digital and print production, piece-level tracking and response processing, JSM provides our clients with tools for enhanced interaction with customers at any stage of the customer lifecycle relationship. We organize production and streamline workflow so our clients can focus on building businesses, reinforcing brands and strengthening relationships. Our suite of solutions starts with understanding customers and behavior then executing strategy across multiple channels of communication. JSM is committed to providing each client with options and solutions that are fast, efficient and improve ROI. We tailor our services to your individual needs.

  • Market and Prospect Intelligence
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Management
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Campaign Management
  • One-to-One Communication
  • Response Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Loyalty/Retention
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Critical and Compliance Communications
  • Response Processing
  • Analytics and Custom Reporting

Jetson Companies have over 60 years of experience delivering advanced production technology and industry leading solutions to the retail, financial, healthcare, publishing and insurance industries. JSM’s integrated marketing services solutions offer our clients a diverse portfolio of capabilities to effectively target, communicate and interact with customers throughout their engagement lifecycle.

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

PCI Level 1 Certified – HIPAA Compliant – SSAE 16

At JSM, protecting your customers’ personal information is our priority when we distribute printed and electronic critical communications to your customers. We retain the highest standards for security and require these standards to be audited on a regular basis by a third party. We also have these standards electronically monitored 24/7. Record level accountability, tracking and reporting confirm that customers’ needs and industry regulations are firmly addressed. 

The JSM platform ensures total control including the ability to opt out records at the last step of the process and track pieces all the way through USPS and electronic delivery.

Direct Mail Production

Direct Mail Production

Jetson Companies have led the direct mail industry in service, innovation and quality for over three generations.

At JSM, our team is built on a strong foundation. Our experience and expertise are inseparable from our philosophy of customer care. Attending to our clients’ business needs is our priority and delivering solutions is our mission.

We continually invest in state-of-the-art technology and have built our platform around quality, accountability, speed and flexibility. Our goal is to bring leading edge solutions to our clients’ in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We’ll guarantee that your direct mail programs are always given personal attention by a team of seasoned professionals who know direct marketing.

Central to JSM’s philosophy is client-focused investment in new industry-changing technologies, strategic product innovations and nimbly adapting to fast changing market conditions. In this spirit, JSM has introduced a revolutionary digital print platform within Jetson Digital Services. This is another example of a best-in-class solution—extremely high quality, cost effective, digital web printing. This state-of-the-art technology is just another capability in our fully integrated execution service from data management through production to postal optimization and delivery into the USPS. Combined with end-to-end PCI Level 1 security, compliance services and the highest level of document integrity, JSM continues to raise the bar.


  • Data Processing and Data Management
  • Creative Formats
  • Art and Copy Libraries
  • Digital Variable, 4-Color Printing
  • Forms Printing
  • High-speed Variable Personalization
  • High-speed Bindery, Inserting and Finishing
  • Card Affixing with Optical Reader Capability
  • Component Management and Procurement Services
  • Response Processing and Analytics
  • Postal Optimization – on-site commingling, NDC/SCF dropship, co-pal

Postal Optimization

Postal Optimization

Jetson Companies have been at the forefront of postal optimization and mail delivery solutions for decades. In 2014, JSM was one of the first companies in the country to be approved by the USPS for seamless acceptance. JSM commingles in house and dropships with One-Touch SCF cross docking to ensure fast, efficient and consistent mail delivery.

  • Lowest postage rate per piece
  • Fast consistent delivery
  • Accountability through tracking and reporting
  • Implementation of U.S.P.S incentive programs

The postage fees to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers represent a significant portion of the direct marketing budget and continue to increase year after year. Now more than ever, taking advantage of all postal discounts and programs is essential. Postage optimization combined with One-Touch mail shipping assures fast and consistent mail delivery. Commingling solutions that maximize 5-digit SCF qualification will reduce time to market and provide more consistency for predictable in-home delivery.

Today, every mail piece can be individually counted through Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB). Piece-level tracking and accountability provide measurement and understanding of timing and mail delivery patterns. The U.S.P.S offers additional incentive programs. Our postal experts will help you understand and utilize all additional U.S.P.S incentives.